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学校开车英语作文 开校车的英文短语


In recent years, it's no strange that parents drive to deliver their kids and pick up them from scho1. How to Keep Safe on the Way to Schoolol. Opinions about that vary from person to person. Some people think it can ensure the safety of kids and spare more time for them to rest. In the meantime, it contributes to the communication be3. 以《走着去上学》为题写一篇英语作文tween generations. Howr, others are against the phenomenon on紧接着,我上午要上4节课,下午要上两节课. the ground that it may result in serious traffic jam, especially in rush hours. And kids are prone to rely on parents. From my perspective, kids might as well go to school themselves in order to be independent, getting out of their comfort zone.

学校开车英语作文 开校车的英文短语学校开车英语作文 开校车的英文短语

写一片车辆是否应该允许进入高校校园 的英语作文

我正在上六年级,我通常都是周一到周五去上学。我每天基本上都是早上六点半起床,我一刻七点吃早饭。通常我都是步行去学校,有时候,我也My home is not far fromschWe play basketball,volleyball, ping-pong at the rest time. They are very relaxing.ool,so ry day I can go to school by bike.骑自行车。

乘坐校车的利与弊 英语作文 加翻译

Secondly,riding a bike is also a good exercise for us to strengthen ourselves.If you go to work by riding a bicycle instead of driving or taking a bus,you can he a better chance of getting enough exercise you need ryday.What's more,riding a bike ses us a lot of time and money than going to school on foot or by bus.

He is taller than me. Basketball is his fourite sport.

Looking forward t1. 从家到学校的路程英语作文怎么写 The road form my home to my school is not too long, it usually needs some enty minutes walking at normal speed. I'd sometimes like to ride my bike in this way at least five minutes to school. On the way toschool,I can see many students like me.So we can go to school toger.We all he a good time on the way.If God looks up unhappy as heily raining or/and strong breeze, or worse, I'm driven by my parents to school, the time taken is as much as my riding.。o your early reply

六年级英语上册作文 你去学校的路怎么走 五句话,短

My fourite teacher is my english teacher and of course my fourite subject is also english.



I turn right when I lee home,go straight,go through the road,go straight,turn left and go through the road,go straight,turn left and go to the gate.

Others are oped to punishing passengers. It’s unfair for passengers to be fined because sometimes passengers cannot decide wher the driver is drunk or not.Self Introduction(自我介绍)About Me(关于我

My name is Sandy. I'm 12 years old. My birthday is on April 7. There are six people in my family. I he two older sisters and one younger brother. My father is tall. My mother is good. My grandmother is old. She likes to water flowers. I am a student. I like to go to school because I he many friends at school. I am in the sixth grade of Cg-chen Elementary School. I study Chinese, science, math, social science, etc. I like math and Chinese because my Chinese and math are very good. I want to be a doctor in the future because i want to sick people. I want to go to New Zealand because the air is very fresh and there are many cute calves there! I will go there by airplane.

题目:My Forite Teacher(我最喜爱的老师)

Among all my teachers, Miss Ju Mei-yian is my forite. She has taught Chinese at my junior high school for more than one year. They said she will also teach me next year. She is very beautiful and she has long hair. She also has glowing eyes and a kind heart. She always teaches me how to get along with people, so I learn from her how to live a better life and know what's wrong and right. She is really a good teacher. i cannot imagine my life without my teacher

B:I usually go to school by car.

Sometimes I go to school on foot.

A:Oh,me too!Let us go to school!

B:OK!Let us go!

Hi! I'm XXX I go to school on foot. Because my home is near . Sometimes i go by bike .What about you?

关于假期安排的英语作文 学开车 旅游 学英语 做志愿者

我每周参加英语角.我可以跟许多其他学生用英It cost me lots of money.but i'm still late.语交流.

I was sueprised that I actually chatted with them for 我的家离学校并不远,所以我可以骑自行车去上学。almost an hour. Finally, we played s toger, ryone was happy. Volunteer activities not only brought me happiness,


我每天早上7点半上More and more people makes the traffic busier and busier.Most people keen to live in the big cities where are more convenient and the children can receive better education.But the problem is the hey traffic create too much pollution which does great harm to human's health.So,to keep ourselves safe,I think we should do at least two things like below.Firstly,we should obey the traffic rules whenr we are and n when we are in a deadly hurry.If ryone can do so,rything on the road will be in turn well.Secondly,we should ask ourselves and our relatives and friends to walk instead of riding or driving if sible,when the time is no enough,we must try to take a bus rather than drive a car.More vehicles will of course cause more traffic problems.That's my ideas,I hope it is acceptable.学.

Nowadays, it is generally acknowledged that th我听了很不高兴,翘着嘴说:"我不要步行,我不要步行。"这时爸爸对着妈妈说:"这个主意不错。"妈妈接着说:"儿子,你不知道步行上学有很多好处,现在全国都在提倡低碳生活了,我们要积极响应。至于好处嘛:,不开车可以减少尾气排放,保护环境。第二,不开车可以省下加汽油的钱。第三,不开车走着去上学可以锻炼身体,增强体质。有这么多好处,何乐而不为呢?"e automobiles make our life convenient.Some argue that they play an essential role in our modern life and we can not live well without automobiles.People drive their cars to go to work which ses more time and energy.


2,But some other people beli that a great many of problems can be brought by the automobiles. First of all, much tail gas released by cars harm pollutes the fresh air grely. Secondly, too many cars result the roads in blocked. Finally, fast driving makes people crazy, which can account for so many traffic accidents.



2. 到学校怎样走一篇英语作文

One time I'm up late .and very quite to wash my face and did't eat the food .running faster than any other time .on the street .i see a taxi ing,i count my money and the end ,call the taxi .

In our munities now, we often walk, bike, or drive to school. But how can we keep ourselves safe? If we walk, the cars and the street gangs might cause us some trouble. If we bike, we might cause accidents like crashing into somebody walking. If we drive, there might be a car accident or it might he traffic problems. If we look closer into this situation, we could make out that we should he someone walking with you when you're walking, a clean street when we're biking or driveing, and stay away from gangs and trouble. that's how we can keep ourselves safe when we're walking to school.

A:How do you go to school?

2. How to Get on With Our Parents

Our parents are the ones that love us most, but it's also hard to muicate with them because they are olders than you and they went through different things than you. But if we don't know how to municate with our own parents, then how could we municate with others? Communicating with our parents didn't seemed to be that hard, there's only three rules. Rule number one is to calm down and don't speak in a hurry. Rule number o is to not fight back if you don't need to. Rule number three is to stay quiet most of the times. If you can follow theses three rules, we would be able to municate with our parents very well.




My home is far from school said, say near but not close, it's about 15 minutes' walk around, usually go to school in the morning is by dad to drive me to school. Today mother suggested said: "from today morning walk to school. "

I heard was not happy, Al mouth said: "I don't want to walk, I don't walk."Then my father to the mother said:" this is not a bad idea. "My mother went on to say:" son, you don't know that walking to school has many benefits, are now in the national aocate low carbon life, we should actively response. As food: first, do not drive can reduce emissions, protect the environment.Second, do not drive to gasoline and se money. Third, do not drive the carto walk to school can exercise, enhanced physique. There are so many benefits, why not do it? "

From the day I said to myself, the morning walk to school is a good idea, I mustinsist.

4. 从家到学校的路线英语作文怎么写


Way to school.

After walking out my house munity, I go to the bus stop and take bus 88 for five stops. I get off the bus at People's Square, and walk for five minutes. My school is on the right side of the Renmin Road.

5. 英语作文去(学校的方式)怎么写

My dream school will he big classrooms and in winter they are very warm because people use the sun to heat them. In the rooms, we he no teachers. Every student will he a r on their desks and they can learn rything from rs. And we will nr use pens, pencils and .。

6. 怎么样去学校英语作文带翻译

The way I go To school 上学的方式

I am in Grade Six.I usually go to school from Monday to Friday.I often get up at half past six in the morning.I he breakfast at a quarter to sn.I usually go to school on foot.Sometime ,I go to school by bike.


a quarter to sn:六点三刻,其意思也可以理解为6:45分;

如何上学(how to go to school)-英语作文范文二:

I often get up early,after eat the breakfast i take the bus to school.

I go to school at half past sn ry morning.

When i get to school, i he to do the cleaning with my clas ates.

The school is over at about half past four.




Anyway, i enjoy my school life.


I join English Corner ry week. I can speak English with many other students there.



I like my lessons, my friends and my teachers.


I find my school life is more and more meaningful and colorful.


My school life is wonderful.


8. 用英语说一篇英语作文我怎么去学校

My name is 。

I usually go to school on foot,because my home is near.But I get up late this morning.I go to school by bike after breakfast.I ride fast on the road.I stop at the red light. I go at the green light.I get to school at 7:40. I'm go to school. How happy I am!。

求大神原创一篇英语作文,题目为to drive,or not to drive,论述开车的利与弊,

Joozone Editor's No刚写的,现在是106词, 不满意还可以问我。7. 关于你怎么去学校写一篇英语作文,初二水平te,汇解释:


but also I became confident.



对青少年本身不安全,因为他们年龄不够拿驾照的年龄,没有相应的驾驶技术和经验,心My maths is just a mess. I can't understand what the teacher is talking about.理不够成熟,他们容易冲动叛逆和比赛,容易对他们的安全造成危害;举例,什么邻居Tom这种的。。。





Nowadays,riding a bike to school has been a cho of transportation for students.There are many aantages to riding a bicycle.

I don't know how to solve this problem.

First of all对路上的其他人不负责,一个没有驾照的青少年开车,可能对别人的生命安全造成威胁;举例,看过青少年撞伤他人的。。。 ,environmental protection is such an urgent issue that ryone of us should be careful with what we do.Riding to school may not change the whole situation,but it does contribute to reduce the air pollution and se the resources as much as we can.

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